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Research and Development

DPC Research Lab was established in 1992 and officially approved as an R&D center in 2009. Our R&D center is focused on new product development, technical services, process optimization, and quality control. Our research professionals have extensive experience and expertise, and work rigorously to ensure that every project is successful. As a result, DPC has been recognized as a premier technology-focused company in Korea. Our R&D organization chart and research fields are shown below.

Organization Chart
DPC R&D Center 1.Quality Control 2.Synthesis 3.Application 4.Analytical
Research Fields
  • Emulsion polymerization: Acrylics, styrene-acrylics, vinyl acetate
  • Synthesis of fluoropolymers
  • Organic synthesis
  • Dispersion polymerization
  • Mini-emulsificaton with homogenizer
  • Coating formulation – Paint, paper coating, floor wax, caulking and sealant